February 24-25, 2017 Riga (Latvia)

Academic Center of Natural Sciences of the University of Latvia, 1 Jelgavas street, Riga



 Friday, February 24

9.00-10.00 Registration
10.00-10.15 Congress opening
Morning session Modarators: Sarmite Tubele (Latvia), Aaro Nursi (Estonia) Room 106
10.15-11.15 Professional issues in paediatric dysphagia: what are the implications for research and clinical practice? Hazel Roddam (United Kingdom)
11.15-12.10 Swallowing  and feeding disorders in adults : a primary role for the Speech-Language Therapist. French experience Frédéric Martin (France)
12.10-12.30 The comparison of the results obtained in clinical swallowing evaluation and videofluoroscopic evaluation in adults with neurological disease Mare Laidra, Aaro Nursi, Marika Padrik, Helena Oselin (Estonia)
12.30-13.30 Lunch, exhibition, posters viewing with presenters Room 107, 108, 109
Afternoon session I Moderators: Daiva Kairiene (Lithuania), Baiba Trinite (Latvia) Room 106
13.30-14.20 Clinical evaluation and intervention of orofacial functions Heike Münch (Austria)
14.20-14.50 Phoneme pronunciation test: progress and difficulties Dace Markus (Latvia)
14.50-15.20 Clinical assessment in SLT: a scientific approach Jean Laurent Astier Karanauskas (Switzerland, France)
15.20-15.50 Coffee break, exhibition, posters Room 107, 108, 109
Afternoon session II Moderators: Inara Klavina (Latvia), Sirli Pikk (Estonia) Room 106
15.50-16.10 Treatment of articulation disorders in children: Motor learning approach Daiva Kairiene (Lithuania)
16.10-16.30 Voice ergonomics risk factors in teachers Baiba Trinite, Valda Krauze, Megija Pira, Gundega Šteindale (Latvia)
16.30-16.50 Prevention of reading disorders in 6 to 7 years old children Gundega Tomele, Mara Antoneviča (Latvia)
16.50-17.05 Role of parents in a children's early speech and language development Laura Laugale, Gundega Tomele (Latvia)
17.05-17.15 Summary of the day


Poster presentations

1. The influence of teachers’ dysphonic voice on pupils’ language perception Ilva Liepa, Baiba Trinite (Latvia)
2. The acoustic changes of voice after thyroid surgery Baiba Trinīte, Diana Aigare-Rude (Latvia)
3. Multidimensional assessment approach of stuttering children Rita Kantanavičiūtė (Lithuania)
4. Phonological disorder in children and evidence based treatment approaches Simona Daniutė (Lithuania)
5. Promotion of dialogue speech for the children aged 5-7 with speech and language disorders Zane Enģele, Ilze Vilka (Latvia)
6. Types of correction developmental intervention in 4 year old children with insufficient developmental of the language system Lucija Anoško (Latvia)
7. Early literacy development indicators of six year old children from general population in Latvia Andra Vabale, Kristīne Meilerte, Ivaise Pļaveniece, Inga Rutmane – Lazda (Latvia)
8. The impact of removable dentures on patients’ phonetic adaptation Victoria Artomenko, Aldis Vidzis, Vinita Cauce, Paula Boihmane (Latvia)
19.00 Congress dinner at the National Library of Latvia, restaurant KLIVERSALA, Mukusalas str.3


Saturday, February 25

8.30-9.00 Registration

Workshop 1

Room 108

Clinical evaluation and intervention of orofacial functions.

Heike Münch (Austria)

Preliminary registration

Workshop 2

Room 109

The evaluation and treatment of swallowing disorders: causes, evaluation, diagnostic, exercises, adaptive eating aids, rescues procedures, case study.

Frédéric Martin (France)

Preliminary registration required

Workshop 5

9.00-10.30, Room 107

K-TAPING Speech and Language Therapy

Roger Ehrenreich (Biviax GmbH, Germany)

Free enterance!

Workshop 6

10.30-12.00, Room 107

TOBI Eye Tracking

Sigita Kalniņa (SIA Arbor Medical Korporācija),  Magnus Sundelin (Tobii Dynavox, Sweeden)

Free enterance!

12.00-13.00 Lunch

Workshop 3

Room 108

Researching feeding difficulties in infants and young children

Sarah Edney, Hazel Roddam
(United Kingdom)

Preliminary registration

Workshop 4

Room 109

Presentation of NUTRICIA

Chefs’ show

Agata Jędraszczak  (Poland)

Free enterance!


 The general sponsor of the congress

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